French and Eastern music : AUW Choir in India

12 décembre 2019

Chittagong, Theatre Institute 

14 décembre 2019

Delhi, Musée national

15 décembre 2019

Pune, Mazda Hall

16 décembre 2019

Kolkata, Cathédrale Saint Paul

17 décembre 2019

Hyderabad, Eglise Saint Jean

18 décembre 2019

Trivandrum, University of Kerala, Senate Hall

18 décembre 2019

Kochi, Pastorale Convention Center

From Earth to Heart : a Christmas concert

French baroque and Eastern traditional songs


Launching a bridge between French ancient culture and the East and South-East countries of Asia based on musical cadence opens a poetic space. Both signifies the common meaning and I believe, Asian University for Women Choir is the best ensemble to build this bridge. During that concert, we will meet Love and Hope at on the other hand Fear of Exile. All the feelings that men and women have portrayed together all over the world for centuries with the classical and traditional songs. The 35 singers of the choir, coming from 14 countries from Syria to Nagaland- India also from Afghanistan to South India, will express with the French professional ensemble Son Ar Mein. This will present the intimate feelings of Mankind.

During the concert, we will perform, 16th century French choir songs and choir pieces, like the famous « Mignonne, allons voir si la rose », the charming village songs devoted to Christmas, composed by the French musician Michel Corrette. Besides the joyful music, let’s hear melancholic songs, such as « the young girl » and « the daughter of the King Louis ».

In dialogue of this ancient and deep French music and Eastern songs from different countries of the singers of the Choir will create a fascinating echo, where we will find notably the Cambodian song « the river man », the Nagaland song « love of God », the famous Arabic music « Give me the flute », a Bengali Tagore song, and so on.

Music is a universal language. This concert will show again how this truth can be alive with 35 singers and musicians leading the audience in a musical travel all over France, Middle East and South Asia.

Asian University for Women Choir

Dr. Selvam Thorez, Director

Prof. Ethan Golbach, Assistant Director

Soloists : Christine Alexis*, Sophorn Saat**


Son Ar Mein Consort

Stéphane Tamby (flute, bassoon), Jean-Luc Tamby (guitare), Keyvan Chemirani (percussions),

Camille Aubret (violin), Martin Bauer (viol)


Sacred Song from Nagaland

Michel Corrette (France, 18th century) : Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison*

Eustache Du Caurroy (France, 16th century) : A young girl


Sacred Song from Cambodia**

Michel Corrette (France, 18th century) : Gloria*

Guillaume Costely (France, 16th century) : Come pretty lady, come to see the rose


Antoine Boesset (France, 17th century) : Let’s be free, let’s be happy

Fairouz (Lebanon, 20th century) : Dancing to the flute


Llibre Vermeil de Montserrat (France or Spain, 14 th century) : Mariam Matrem Virgine

Perotin Magnus (France, 12th century) : Alleluia

Rabindranath Tagore (Bengal, 20th century) : Anandadhara