Learning French
Private class
Children, teens and adults : according to your will and your necessity
Learn French and complete a French diploma for personnel needs and projects

You can manage a Private French class with a French teacher of Alliance Française in case you are not able to follow an extensive class. You can then manage your own schedule. 

This is very useful if you need to complete quickly a French diploma, for example to get the Canadian visa, or learn bases in French language if you plan to study in France next. 

You can also manage a Private French Class for you or for your children just to enjoy learning French and to have good moments at Alliance Française Chittagong!


Private class can be organized and start everytime.


DELF Exams :

- March 15th and 16th

- June 28th and 29th

- Sept 20th and 21st
- Dec 20th and 21st