Learning French
Teenagers Course
12 to 15 years old - Extensive Teenagers course 4h/week
Give your teen an opening on the world by the French Language

Awakening teenagers’ interests and imagination. Your daughter and son will build a solid foundation in French in the four areas: speaking, reading, writing and listening. He/she will also learn strategies to become and independent French language learner.

2018-2019 Sessions :

Each sessions 10 weeks of courses

4th session 2018: 

Oct 8th to Dec 15th

1st session 2019: 

January 8th to March 21st

2nd session 2019: 

April 5th to June 27th

3rd session 2019:  

July 9th to September 15th

4th session 2019:

October 4th to December 19th 


DELF Exams :

- March 15th and 16th

- June 28th and 29th

- Sept 20th and 21st
- Dec 20th and 21st

*DELF-DALF exam fees are not included

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