Artist Residency

When I was a student I always prefered workshops where it was not my personal production that was the most important, but rather how for a while all the artists shared a collective moment of work, and how this would change the way I worked afterwards.

As artists, we will often, if not always, be led to work in groups, an exhibition does not produce itself, for example, and we already know this, In art, the solo show doesn't exist, or only a little. And that's good.

My question is how can we insert a personal identity into a collective work, or a global work? How to find your place in a group without erasing yourself or crushing others, as the workshop progresses, when the work is launched.

I will not be there to guide you, or not much than you will be with my proposals.

It is necessary to succeed during this workshop to understand a sensitivity that is not ours at first glance There are many constraints but also enormous advantages, everything is in our hands, and therefore very open, but it requires rigour and action.

You probably already know this, but choosing to be an artist today is a difficult path, the difficulty of our professions, too often conceived in solitude, can become a huge force when all our bodies are put into action.

Here is my proposal but we will have to show initiative and reactivity, meeting and sharing our ideas is very important here, we all have know-how that we will try to combine It will still be necessary to keep a critical distance from the proposals, to know how to listen, to know how to say no, to leave room for the other and to remain sincere in our judgments Artists are stronger together In my opinion, it is just as important to create a link as to know how to materialize a beautiful object, it is not necessarily the aesthetic purpose of the work that will be important, but also how we arrived at it, the challenge is how to show it, and especially in groups, with our combined strengths.

Maybe what we do won't do Art, but we will have been Art ourselves.

The end of the workshop may only be the beginning In any case, it will allow students to experience another way of working, in collective and not individual self-management, a way of doing things that is essential for all contemporary artists Working together, in the moment with its constraints but above all our strength and beauty. The topic is HERE. WE ARE.

Mégane Brauer, Chittagong, Mars 2019

Du 26 février au 12 mars 2019

Alliance française Chittagong

en partenariat avec l'Institut supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon (Isba) et l'Institute of Fine Arts-University of Chittagong

Dans le cadre se son partenariat avec l'Institut supérieur des Beaux-arts de Besançon, l'Alliance française de Chittagong accueille chaque année un-e jeune artiste français-e pour une résidence allant de 2 à 4 semaines, comprenant notamment une série d'ateliers et/ou une exposition avec les étudiants de l'Institut des Beaux-arts de l'Université de Chittagong.