Pranab Mitra Chowdhury

The Gardener of Love

Paintings full of colours, drawings with sensual forms: we like to walk in the artwork of Pranab Mitra Chowdhury like in a garden. This is why today, I am very pleased to welcome his personal exhibition at the Alliance Française in Chittagong. Mr Pranab is a friend of France; he speaks French and has visited Paris and various places in France, including the Besançon School of Art with which we have a fruitful partnership and where there are now 4 brilliant students from the Chittagong University Institute of Art, currently headed by Mr Pranab. Mr Pranab will also be exhibiting in Paris, at our partner La Galerie de l'Angle, in June 2022. But Mr. Pranab is not only a special/strong university personality, he is also a leading artist, master of the most diverse techniques and thus capable of creating, under the brush and the pencil, a poetic universe suitable for meditation and reflection. His work is a window on nature, full of sap, joy and life. Yes, Mr Pranab is a Gardener of love.

Le Jardinier d’amour

Des tableaux pleins de couleurs, des dessins aux formes sensuelles : on aime se promener dans l’œuvre de Pranab Mitra Chowdhury comme dans un jardin. C’est pourquoi j’ai un grand plaisir à accueillir aujourd’hui son exposition personnelle à l’Alliance française de Chittagong. Mr Pranab est un ami de la France ; il parle français et a visité Paris et divers lieux en France, notamment l’Ecole d’art de Besançon avec lequel nous avons un partenariat fructueux et où se trouvent aujourd’hui 4 brillants étudiants de l’Institut d’art de l’Université de Chittagong, actuellement dirigé par Mr Pranab. Mr Pranab exposera également à Paris, chez notre partenaire La Galerie de l’Angle, en juin 2022. Mais Mr Pranab n’est pas seulement une personnalité universitaire qui compte, c’est aussi un artiste de premier plan, maître des techniques les plus diverses et capable ainsi de créer, sous les pinceaux et le crayon, un univers poétique propre à la méditation et à la réflexion. Son œuvre est une fenêtre sur la nature, pleine de sève, de joie et de vie. Oui, Mr Pranab est un Jardinier d’amour. 

2021 Oct. 10th to 20th
Alliance française Chittagong


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During my childhood years, I had an opportunity to grow up close to the nature in a rural scenario. Then I was deeply obsessed with the rural Bengal life. Free trees, the shade of clouds in the pond water, small hills covered with green, starry sky, the sound of flowing rivers, fishing by fishermen, raining in the torrent, people’s smiling faces- all were very familiar to me.


Though I spent a lot of time in the urban environment, I often think of village memories. Thus, I have tried to give the impression of an abstract form through some lines. These scenes are characteristic structures where there is no presence of color or there is a color somewhere beneath.


In this exhibition, there is a trend of Inclusion of Mind- is the horrors of time, Locked-up by Pandemic feelings and the memories of my rural past- Pastoral. I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the French Ambassador His  Excellency Mr. Jean-Marin SCHUH and Dr. Selvam Thorez, Directo,r Alliance Française, Chittagong, and Dr. Gurupada Chakraborty, Deputy Director, Alliance Française Chittagong, for organizing this exhibition and giving me the rare opportunity to return to new-normal life after a long siege. Best wishes to all for their presence.

Pranab M. Chowdhury, oct.2021

Artist background


 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art-1986, M.A. Sculpture-1987

Dept. of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong


Institute of Fine Arts,  University of Chittagong- 2016



Participated in Many Exhibitions at Home & Abroad



1st Solo Sculpture Exhibition

Organized by- Alliance Française Chittagong, Bangladesh-1994

 2nd Sculpture Exhibition

Organized by- Alliance Française Chittagong, Bangladesh-1998

3rd Solo Drawing Exhibition: Expectation

At Rajbari, Bunan Arts Center-2015

4th Solo Drawing Exhibition

at Iwata, Wokpia, Japan-2016

5th Solo Art Exhibition: Pastoral

Alliance Française Chittagong, Bangladesh-2021


Belt and Road: International Cultural Exchange Activities at Anhui, Nanjing, China. 8-13 May-2019.

Invited by people’s Government of Hexian Country

Study Visit: Paris, ISBA, Besançon, France and Venice Biennale, Italy, 9-21 October-2019.

Invited by Alliance Française Chittagong, Bangladesh.



Alliance Française Chittagong, Bangladesh

 Sculpture Networks, Germany (Ex-member)